Debbie Lewer

Lecturer, History of Art, University of Glasgow

Dr. Debbie Lewer is a lecturer in History of Art at the University of Glasgow. Her main research interests lie in the field of the German-speaking avant-garde of the period ca. 1910-1933. She has published on Zurich Dada, Dada in Germany, Expressionism, ‘Neue Sachlichkeit’ and the wider literary and visual culture of the Weimar Republic and Switzerland. She has also written more broadly on aspects of the politics of post-war German art in both the Federal Republic and the German Democratic Republic and 20th-century European architecture. Her current research, which investigates the engagement of the Weimar avant-garde with the German ‘Middle Ages’ and Reformation is supported by a one-year Fellowship for Experienced Researchers awarded by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. She is conducting this research, which will be published as a book, at the Kunsthistorisches Institut of the University of Bonn.

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